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Bookkeeping Services

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Bookkeeping and Admin Services in the Helderberg you can trust

Bookkeeping taking up most of your time and need to outsource your books, but struggle to find a reliable bookkeeping company to do so?  We can help.

Bookkeeping is the one side of a business that cannot fall behind, yet a lot of businesses just don’t get the time to keep up with their bookkeeping functions.  The one thing that most business owners say is that: “Bookkeeping is not my core business. To try and figure out what all the jargon means or how to keep my books in the right accounts or trying to figure out how my accounting software works is a headache and one that I don’t have time for”.

Bookkeeping is our core business, from processing your slips, bank statements and allocating them to the right accounts, to your VAT submissions, making sure that you pay as little VAT as possible, all legal of course.  We also offer support and training on QuickBooks, which means no more accounting software headaches, we will guide you step by step through the maize that is called bookkeeping, ensuring you are informed all the way.  Additionally we provide you with monthly bookkeeping reports keeping your finger on the pulse where it matters the most.

At Adminwiz we help you manage your bookkeeping and accounts, on-site or off-site, on a monthly basis and take care of your VAT and Tax to ensure that your business keeps on running in the same way that you would have wanted to run it if you had the knowledge to do it yourself.

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