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Need QuickBooks® training? We offer one on one QuickBooks® training onsite or at our premises.

QuickBooks Training

Ever felt like you just don’t know enough about your financial bookkeeping package to make decisions that would propel your business forward?  Adminwiz provides a Quickbooks Training solution that suits every individual. We don’t train in a classroom environment, we teach at your premises or ours, whichever suits you best.

How does our training work:

  • Quickbooks installation – whether it be for a single user or multi user environment, we install Quickbooks for you.

  • Quickbooks setup – We set your company’s books up as per your business’ requirements, ensuring you’re ready for training, not on dummy data but on your own.

  • Quickbooks training – once setup has been completed we take you through a step by step Quickbooks training process, teaching you the ins and outs of what Quickbooks has to offer, enabling you to use your financial software as a tool rather than a headache.

  • One on One – you are our only Quickbooks trainee, focussing on teaching you on your books is our priority.

What happens after my Quickbooks training?

If you’re worried that you won’t remember everything after your training, we offer on-going support and guidance, so no need to stress about remembering everything.

Still don’t have Quickbooks, we are Quickbooks Resellers.

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